FrogSkin Timber Camo Wingshooting Shirt

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Tradition Meets Precision: FrogSkin Timber Camo Wingshooting Shirt

Embrace the heritage of the hunt with the FrogSkin Timber Camo Wingshooting Shirt, a robust testament to tradition, tailored for the modern marksman. Meticulously crafted, this shooting shirt is an essential piece for those who walk the fields and marshes in pursuit of winged game.

Durable and Breathable Design

Fashioned from 100% mid-weight polyester, the shirt is both durable and breathable, ensuring you remain undeterred by elements or exertion. With expanding gussets across the back of the shoulders and a vented back design, this garment champions an advanced freedom of movement, allowing you to swing on passing fowl with seamless precision.

Vintage Duck Camo Aesthetics

The vintage duck camo pattern merges old school aesthetics with contemporary functionality, rendering you inconspicuous amongst nature's backdrop. Quilted shooting patches adorn each shoulder not merely for their classic appeal but also for their practicality in both dove hunting and upland bird hunting scenarios.

Functionality Meets Style

Reinforced elbows and extra length ensure that your focus stays on the sport, not your attire; the shirt steadfastly remains tucked as you navigate through sporting clays or duck hunting expeditions. This FrogSkin Timber Camo Wingshooting Shirt isn't just another addition to your wardrobe—it's a companion in your sporting legacy.

Companion in Sporting Legacy

This wingshooting shirt is designed with a balance of warmth and mobility specifically for active hunters. Its design speaks to those who revere tradition yet demand performance—a true reflection of a brand born to Preserve the Sporting Tradition.

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