There was a time when people made decoys to be judged for something bigger than a ribbon....the birds and the salt were the real test. Our Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers built their decoys to be worked over. Their blocks had simplistic design that could be  replicated quickly and they made them out of whatever could be found that would be shaped into something that resembled a bird. For them this was no hobby but their way of life!

Long before national brands rose to prominence, decoys were the product of the regional cultures in which they were made. In those days the only names that mattered to hunters were the water that they built their lives around. Core, Pamlico, Currituck, and Knott's island became synonymous with similar but distinct styles of decoys. The blocks they created embodied the culture, habitat, and harsh conditions in which they lived. At the time, they had no idea that through busted knuckles and cut hands they were creating a piece of their family's heritage one decoy at a time. This is our heritage...

Dixie Decoys, LLC aims to create a movement that restores the soul of the rich waterfowling tradition of the Southeast and beyond. With an emphasis on traditional style combined with modern decoy technology, we bring you waterfowl hunting gear that connects you with your past while providing all of the advantages today's sportsmen demand on the water. We recognize that the memories made in the duck blind are unlike any other you will experience in your life. We are honored and eternally grateful that you would invite us in to be a part of these moments as you pass down your Dixie Decoys and continue this great waterfowling tradition.

Dark Skies and Hot Barrels,

Brad Sanders, President                  

Brandon Causey, Vice President