Parker Decoy Paints

Parker Coatings Paint Codes

Dixie Decoys, LLC is proud to partner with Parker Quality Coatings to bring you the perfect combination of generational decoys and generational decoy paint. Visit to purchase quality decoy paint for your Heritage Series decoys.

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Dixie Decoys/Parker Paint Color Chart

Diver Ducks

Barrows Goldeneye

Black Scoter Drake

Bufflehead Drake

Bufflehead Hen

 Bluebill Drake

Bluebill Hen
Canvasback Drake Canvasback Hen
Common Goldeneye Drake Goldeneye Hen
Harlequin Drake Harlequin Hen
Old Squaw Drake Old Squaw Hen
Redhead Drake Redhead Hen
Ringneck Drake Ringneck Hen
Surf Scoter Drake

Puddle Ducks

 Black Duck Black Belly Tree Duck
Fulvous Whistling Duck Gadwall Drake
Gadwall Hen Mallard Drake
Mallard Hen Pintail Drake
Pintail Hen Widgeon Drake
Widgeon Hen Wood Duck Drake
Wood Duck Hen