FrogSkin Camo Wingshooting Shirt

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Heritage Meets Innovation: FrogSkin Camo Wingshooting Shirt

Step into the field with a touch of heritage wrapped in modern innovation—the FrogSkin Camo Wingshooting Shirt, a salute to the traditional old school camo with a vintage duck camo pattern that's as timeless as the sport itself. Designed by an active duty Marine and steeped in the patriotic spirit of American hunting tradition, this shirt embodies the perfect blend of form and function for avid hunters.

Unrestricted Movement, Ultimate Ventilation

Crafted from 100% mid-weight polyester, this rugged shooting shirt caters to those who demand durability without sacrificing comfort. The vented back and shoulders serve as your personal climate control in the heat of the chase, ensuring you remain cool as you line up your shot. With expanding gussets across the back of your shoulders, experience unrestricted movement while you enjoy sporting clays, dove hunting, duck hunting, and upland bird hunting.

Functionality Meets Style

Visualize yourself clad in this garment—its quilted shooting patches poised on each shoulder, signaling your readiness for whatever the hunt may bring. The reinforced elbows hint at many seasons of use, while its extra-long length pledges to maintain a sharp look, staying tucked from dawn till dusk.

Your Trusted Wing Shooting Companion

Whether you're shouldering your shotgun amidst rustling leaves or silently waiting in a blind, let this shooting shirt be your trusted companion. It's not just apparel; it's a testament to your passion for wing shooting—a narrative woven into every fiber, every thread of camouflage. Elevate your game with the FrogSkin Camo Wingshooting Shirt: where classic style meetings modern performance.

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