Blank Old School Camo Hat 12 Pack

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Embrace Vintage Style with Dixie Decoys' Blank Old School Camo Hat 12 Pack

Looking to infuse that classic, old school camo vibe into your hunt club, corporate event, or branded apparel collection? Dixie Decoys has you covered with our Blank Old School Camo Hat 12 Pack - the perfect canvas for your logo or design.

Vintage Duck Hunter's Camo Meets Modern Versatility

  • Snap Enclosure: Easy and practical, ensuring a secure fit.
  • Built to Last: These hats are over-engineered for extreme durability, just like the timeless camo patterns they feature.
  • Comfort Inside and Out: The finished interior guarantees not only a great fit but also superior comfort for long days in the field.
  • One Size Fits All: Designed to accommodate everyone with ease.

Customization Options

Looking to take your branding to the next level? Consider it done. While these hats come blank and ready for your unique touch, we also offer patches, embroidery, and full customization for orders exceeding 100 pieces. Contact us for details! (800-718-1625)

Preserve the Classic, Create the Custom

Dixie Decoys brings you the essence of old school camo with the flexibility of customization. Whether it's for your passionate hunt club, a corporate gathering, or your branded apparel line, these hats are your timeless canvas.

Bulk Buying Made Easy

Hats are available in sets of 12 at a wholesale price, making it convenient and cost-effective to outfit your group or team. For larger orders exceeding 100 units, our customization options truly shine. Get in touch with us to discuss your vision and let Dixie Decoys make it a reality.

Capture the spirit of old school camo and make it uniquely yours. Order your Blank Old School Camo Hat 12 Pack from Dixie Decoys today and embark on a journey where tradition meets individuality.


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