2024 Memorial Day Decoy - POW/MIA

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The History of America's POW/MIA movement

The 2024 Memorial Day decoy honors the tens of thousands of service members who suffered in captivity as a POW or have never been found. The American POW/MIA movement emerged during and after the Vietnam War to advocate for the return of prisoners of war and the accounting of missing service members. It gained momentum as families and veterans sought closure and recognition for their sacrifices. The movement's significance endures as a symbol of national commitment to those who have served, emphasizing the duty to bring every service member home. Through annual observances, memorials, and ongoing efforts to locate and identify missing personnel, the movement maintains its vital role in honoring the bravery and sacrifice of those who have served in defense of our nation.

Donation to the National POW/MIA Memorial and Museum

This National POW/MIA Memorial and Museum is set to pay tribute to more than 140,000 service members. Approximately 95,000 of these heroes were classified as missing in action with only 12,000 of those having come home. It is time those who served, their families and the nation have a place of honor, tribute and remembrance. A portion of proceeds from the sale of these decoys will go to support the museum's efforts.

The Decoy

The 2024 Memorial Day decoy is a limited edition bufflehead decoy, adapted to incorporate the most somber elements of the iconic POW/MIA flag. Only 24 were made in the series. Each decoy is hand-painted, signed, and individually numbered. It includes a hardwood decoy stand and certificate of authenticity to denote its unique status. 

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