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Raymond Evans



Hometown: Dublin, GA
Occupation: Firefighter
Member, Ducks Unlimited; Volunteer Firefighter, Laurens County
When Ray was growing up in Dublin he heard the sirens of the fire trucks and imagined himself behind the wheel rushing to the scene where someone was in need. Now the big dream he had as a young boy has come true. As a Sergeant for the Dublin Fire Department he feels honored to serve the community that raised him. Ray, like many of us, was blessed to have a strong mentor to show him the right way to conduct himself afield. Today, he extends the legacy his father gave him to his boy Maddox and daughter Rayna, and he is dedicated to continuing the rich tradition of waterfowling in the southeast. Ray's pursuit of waterfowl takes him through swamps, sloughs, and lakes all over Georgia providing him opportunities to harvest a range of species from wood ducks to canvasbacks. His persistence and patience allows him to achieve success afield in one of the most challenging areas of the country to hunt waterfowl.