Mastering Diver Duck and Sea Duck Hunting: 5 Lethal Tactics for Open Water and Coastal Hunters

Mastering Diver Duck and Sea Duck Hunting: 5 Lethal Tactics for Open Water and Coastal Hunters

Discover the exhilarating world of diver duck and sea duck hunting in open water and along the coastal regions. Unleash your passion for waterfowl hunting as we explore effective tactics to improve your success and make the most of these unique hunting environments.

Size Matters: Enhancing Visibility and Attracting Diver Ducks and Sea Ducks

canvasbacks decoying to dixie decoys

Despite what she's told you, size does matter...decoy size that is! When it comes to hunting diver ducks and sea ducks in the vast expanse of open waters, visibility is key. While greater numbers of decoys may not always be necessary, opting for larger decoys can catch the attention of wary travelers. Consider incorporating magnum-sized decoys, like our Heritage Series foam decoys, measuring 16 inches long. These impressive decoys ride high on the water, ensuring they are visible from greater distances.

Create the "X": Realistic Decoy Spreads for Diver Duck and Sea Duck Hunting

southern flyway outfitters decoy raft with dixie decoys

Replicating the appearance of rafts, the congregations of diver ducks and sea ducks, is a powerful tactic. Bring your decoys together in tight bunches, forming long lines of 12 birds stretching from the central group. To simplify the process and achieve a natural raft appearance, check out the Decoy Raft™ by Southern Flyway Outfitters. This innovative tool allows you to deploy 12-20 decoys on a single platform using just one anchor. Setting and retrieving decoys becomes a breeze, providing you with an authentic raft-like setup.

Intercepting Birds on Their Journey: Mastering the "Highway" Strategy

Sometimes, even with perfect decoy placement, birds just won't commit. If you find yourself in this situation, it's time to get on the "highway." Birds often follow specific migratory routes for days, and intercepting them along their path can turn the tide in your favor. If you have the opportunity, consider using a layout boat to deploy your decoy rig anywhere in the water. However, if land-based hunting is your only option, find a point that intersects the birds' path. Positioning yourself strategically gives you a chance to tempt those passing birds into committing to your decoys.

neuse river sea duck hunting

Disappearing Act: Blending In with Gray Camouflage

In the middle of the open water, hiding is not about complete invisibility, but rather blending into your surroundings. Gray is the color of choice for both your boat and your hunting attire. Take inspiration from naval combatant ships worldwide and consider battleship gray. While finding camouflage apparel specifically designed for open water diver duck and sea duck hunting may be challenging, our Gunboat Camo collection offers a range of apparel, from base layers to vests and hats, tailored to this unique hunting environment. Our Gunboat Storm Surge jacket is a simple yet effective solution to instantly convert any of your hunting outerwear to the ideal gray camouflage.

open water diver and sea duck hunting camo

The Secret to Decoying Success: The Surefire Tactic to not Getting Skunked!

On slow hunting days, a group of buffleheads or whistlers swooping into your decoys can inject excitement into your outing. These quirky birds have a knack for decoying, but they prefer to stick to their own small groups on the water. To entice them, set 2 drake and 1 hen bufflehead decoys off to the side of your blind, away from your main decoy spread. Place them about 25 yards apart from your blind, creating a separate and inviting set for these special guests. While most hunters don't aim for a limit of buffleheads, their unexpected presence adds a touch of fun to any slow day on the water.

hen bufflehead decoy


With these 5 lethal tactics, you can take your diver duck and sea duck hunting skills to new heights. Embrace the challenges and beauty of open water and coastal hunting as you implement these expert strategies. Get ready for thrilling adventures and memorable experiences on your waterfowl hunting journey.

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