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Decoy Paint Single Color - 4oz

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decoy paints Decoy Paint Single Color - 4oz

Parker Paints

Decoy Paint Single Color - 4oz



Preserving Tradition with Superior Single Decoy Paint Colors

At Dixie Decoys, we hold the time-honored tradition of duck decoy painting in high regard. In collaboration with Parker Coatings, we present premium oil-based decoy paints. The Single Decoy Paint is tailored for those who deeply appreciate the enduring art of crafting duck decoys.

Advancing Decoy Visibility

Select colors in our range feature Parker's cutting-edge UVision technology. This innovation transforms the way decoys attract waterfowl by targeting birds' ability to perceive ultraviolet light waves, which are invisible to the human eye. With UVision technology, your painted decoy will truly stand out, captivating the attention of passing waterfowl.

Oil-Based Excellence with Zero Reflective Sheen

Our decoy paints are painstakingly crafted to surpass the demands of rugged hunting conditions. Featuring a dead-flat finish, they eliminate any reflective sheen, ensuring your decoys seamlessly blend with the natural water surroundings. We don't just meet industry standards; we set new ones.

Generational Coverage: Perfect for every Decoy Painting Project

Each 4oz can of Single Decoy Paint contains ample paint for every decoy painting project. Whether you are touching up old decoys or adding new members to the flock, this paint has you covered! This showcases our commitment to preserving tradition, as you invest in ensuring your decoy becomes a cherished heirloom.

Unparalleled Durability for Lifelike Realism

Our Single Decoy Paint is expertly formulated to endure the harshest conditions, reflecting the resilience of the decoys they adorn. You can trust your painted decoy to maintain its lifelike appearance even in the most challenging hunting environments.

Embrace Tradition, Paint with Excellence

For those who understand the significance of tradition, craftsmanship, and quality, our Single Decoy Paint is the ultimate choice. It's time to elevate your decoy painting, honoring the legacy of duck hunting with every brushstroke.

Experience the Essence of Decoy Painting

Rediscover the essence of decoy painting. Get your Single Decoy Paint today, and ensure your decoy remains a testament to tradition. Dixie Decoys: Bridging Heritage and Innovation.

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-Paint is mixed at the time or your order so we cannot accept returns for any reason other than manufacturer defect.

-Paint's shelf life varies depending on environmental conditions. It is recommended that you use the paint within 6 weeks of receipt.