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Decoy Paint Kit - Single

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Parker Paints

Decoy Paint Kit - Single



Preserving Tradition with Superior Single Decoy Paint Kit

At Dixie Decoys, we deeply value the time-honored tradition of duck decoy painting. To help you craft the finest decoys, we've partnered with Parker Coatings to offer top-tier oil-based decoy paints. Our Single Decoy Paint Kit is perfect for those who hold a profound appreciation for the timeless art of creating duck decoys.

Oil-Based Decoy Paints with Zero Reflective Sheen

Our decoy paints have been meticulously crafted to meet and exceed the demands of the most rugged hunting conditions. Boasting a dead-flat finish that eliminates any reflective sheen, our paints ensure your decoys blend seamlessly with the natural water surroundings. We don't just meet industry standards; we surpass them.

Generational Coverage: Perfect for Your Magnum Decoys

Each Single Decoy Paint Kit contains an ample supply of paint, precisely enough to transform one Heritage Series magnum decoy. This demonstrates our commitment to preserving tradition, as you invest in ensuring your decoy will be cherished by generations to come.

Unparalleled Decoy Paint Durability for Lifelike Realism

Our decoy paints are expertly formulated to withstand the harshest of conditions, mirroring the resilience of the decoys they adorn. You can rely on your painted decoy to maintain its lifelike appearance even in the most challenging hunting environments.

Embrace Tradition, Paint with Excellence

For those who understand the significance of tradition, craftsmanship, and quality, our Single Decoy Paint Kit is the ultimate choice. It's time to elevate your decoy painting, honoring the legacy of duck hunting with every brushstroke.

Experience the Satisfaction of Decoy Painting

Rediscover the satisfaction of painting your own decoys. Get your Single Decoy Paint Kit today, and ensure your decoy remains a testament to tradition. Dixie Decoys: Bridging Heritage and Innovation.

*Note: Paints should be used within 6 weeks to avoid hardening of paint inside the container. 

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