Jeremiah Neitzel



Hometown: Ashland, WI
Occupation: Forester
AAS degree Wildlife/Forestry; BS Forestry Management University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; Member, Deutsch Langhaar-Gruppe Nordamerika; Member, Ducks Unlimited; Member, Ruffed Grouse Society; Member, American Woodcock Society
Jeremiah is a well-rounded outdoorsman with a passionate appreciation for conservation and preservation. When the weather cools he calls the woods home; pursuing deer, grouse, pheasant, and waterfowl. As a dedicated dog trainer, Jeremiah has developed his Deutsch-Langhaar Amos into one of only 22 breed certified male Langhaars in North America. With Amos and his Lab Stihl at his side Jeremiah has become a self-made waterfowler. His approach to watching, listening, and learning serves as an example for young hunters trying to enter the sport.